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Walkin’ on Broken Glass

Fact: I have broken more dishes in the past month than I have in the entire time I’ve had my own dishes to break. Terrible omen or nudge from above to shop for new dishes? I think the answer is … Continue reading

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The More You Know

Okay, first…watch this: I am not a mother. I am not responsible for any individual’s oral health but my own. However, every time this helpful (?) commercial from the Wisconsin Dental Association airs, I start sputtering objections. Hi. Welcome to … Continue reading

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Observations from a Coffee Shop, 2:38 pm

Because my life is awesome, I work from home full-time. I spend my days in yoga pants and I have fresh-made lunches every day. (This morning, I realized I had been reading manuscripts out loud for who knows how long … Continue reading

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Since we’ll be spending lots of time together (virtually speaking, of course), I thought we should get acquainted. You should understand early on that I have an affinity for numbered lists, which is why I’ve devoted an entire category of … Continue reading

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