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Until 2009, I never really thought much about Wisconsin. When I did, it was usually in the context of silent pep talks I'd give myself as I walked from the Metro station to my downtown D.C. office on blustery January mornings. "This isn't so bad," I'd tell myself. "Just imagine if you were in...Wisconsin!" *shiver* It wouldn't make me any warmer, but I could finish the 12-minute walk secure in the knowledge that I lived so, so far away from Canada. And then, one Saturday in early June, I went to a cookout and met a boy. He was wonderful and he was also moving to Madison, WI, to begin a PhD program in August. After a year of emails, phone calls, and biweekly visits, we shoved the last of my belongings into a jam-packed moving truck and headed west. As of October 9, 2010, I was an Accidental Wisconsonite. I'm no Sconnie, and I'll never be able to claim that prestigious status, but I'm loving life here so far. My blog is a place for writing about this life, and I hope you enjoy my Midwestern adventure as much as I have been.

Baking in the Buff

On this Friday morning, I thought I would share with you a memory. My senior year of college, I lived in an on-campus student apartment with my darling friend, Brigette. When we moved in, we had grand designs of cooking … Continue reading

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Never Let Me Go

I finished this book a few weeks ago, and I just can’t get it out of my head. As I was reading it, I don’t think I realized how much it would stick with me after I finished. The plot … Continue reading

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I’m Just Here for Your Entertainment

Do you ever have one of those moments when you realize you’re doing something completely stupid? Like, if anyone else could see what you were doing at this moment, that person’s perception of your intelligence would plummet. I had one … Continue reading

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Welcome, Spring! Have Some…Chili?

Today has been the nicest day in Madison so far this year by a long shot. As I type this, it’s 79 degrees outside, and we’ve got the windows open to let some spring into this joint. Earlier, we took … Continue reading

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Paella: Bringing People Together

Several months ago, I posted this picture on Facebook: We had just received, like, three pounds of Louisiana smoked sausage from Kurt’s grandfather over Christmas, and one of my first thoughts was, Oooh…paella… So when we got home, I got … Continue reading

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Conquering Fears, Eating Pizza

I’ve mentioned before my phobia of yeast. Usually when I cook, I like the fact that I have control over how the food turns out–the flavors, the doneness, the ingredients–but with yeast, you have to mix it in and just…wait. … Continue reading

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You Have a Baby! In a Bar!

Hi! Remember me? I didn’t forget about you. I’ve been fighting off a pretty gross cold over here all week and am just now starting to feel normal and insightful again. What’s really cruel is that I just got over … Continue reading

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