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Observations from a Coffee Shop, 2:38 pm

Because my life is awesome, I work from home full-time. I spend my days in yoga pants and I have fresh-made lunches every day. (This morning, I realized I had been reading manuscripts out loud for who knows how long … Continue reading

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There’s a Bomb…on the Bus

Okay, seriously–how bad at acting is Keanu Reeves? I’ve been proselytizing about this for a long time now, maybe even since I first saw Keanu stumble his way through Speed, and at last I have a published source to back me … Continue reading

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A Few Recent Morsels

I don’t have a nice enough camera or enough prowess in the kitchen to make this a food blog, but I do love trying new recipes and perfecting old favorites. Sometimes I do dumb things like completely leave out the … Continue reading

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The Perfect Gift and The Imperfectionists

These days, I’m traveling a lot less than I was at my peak, which, now that I think about it, probably lasted a couple of years. With best friends and family peppered all over creation, it wasn’t uncommon for me … Continue reading

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Since we’ll be spending lots of time together (virtually speaking, of course), I thought we should get acquainted. You should understand early on that I have an affinity for numbered lists, which is why I’ve devoted an entire category of … Continue reading

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